Hose Clamps

$11.97 / Pack of 40 $8.99 / Pack of 20
Product Info

Product Description [Long Lasting] - These small hose clamps 1/4 inch are made with high quality durable alloy so they can withstand different weather conditions and do not lose shape. No matter how rainy or sunny our duct clamps are waterproof and resistant to rust and corrosion [High Value Pack] - This stainless steel hose clamps include different sizes; 08pcs each of 1/4" – 7/16", 3/8''–5/8'', 1/2''–3/4'', 5/8''–1'' and 3/4" - 9/8" clamps and 1 screw driver [Multi Purpose] - Not just for clamping the hose or water pipes, these 1/4 hose clamp can also be utilized as fuel line extra large hose clamp. Use your creativity to figure out some out of the box uses like fixing fishing rods or making some awesome art works [Excellent Grip] - With strong grip and high quality material these automotive hose clamps assortment can hold well onto the hose and pipes for a very long time. Different sizes are included in our clamp set so you never go out of options [Adjustable Clamp Size] - Never worry about fitting your hose on a smaller tap or sprinkler because measured perforation and evenly distributed holes allow worm clamp size to be adjusted according to your use