Twist Ties Uses

Twist Ties for Gardening

Twist Ties For

Twist Ties for plants can be used to provide support for climbing vines, setting out straight rows for seeding and marking out the shape and size of beds.

Twist Ties For Hanging Ornaments

Twist Ties For
Hanging Ornaments

If you're hanging holiday ornaments and they keep falling or you want a little extra security because you've got curious cats, a toddler, or a clumsy spouse, use twist ties. Those ornaments won't be going anywhere, and at the end of the season, you can save them for next year.

Twist Ties for Eyeglasses

Twist Ties For
Eye Glassses

Glasses wearers have all been there with critical equipment failure and no spares to hand, use a twist tie. Just strip the outer paper or plastic, run the wire through, twist a few times, and snip short to prevent trailing ends.

Twist Ties for Wordrobe Fixes

Twist Ties For
Wardrobe Fixes

If you just popped a button, lost a zipper pull, or experienced another wardrobe malfunction, twist ties may be able to help out . They're quite flexible, durable, and strong. Twist Ties can get this job done for the time being.

Plastic Twist Ties
Twist Ties for Face Masks

Twist Ties For
Face Masks

The reusable twist ties are rugged and rupture free. These twisty ties with plastic coated wire makes them ideal choice for use as nose wire for mask, thus making home made masks simpler and easier.

Twist Ties for Cables

Twist Ties For
Cords & Cables

Errant batches of cords are another thing that seems to multiply around the house, especially near entertainment centers and workspaces. Bundle them with twist ties to keep them under control.

Twist Ties for Plastic Bags

Twist Ties For
Plastic Bags

Have a bag of frozen product or something else you're putting in the freezer? Use a twist tie to keep it sealed. Twist ties can also be used to seal other daily products like bread, cookies, coffee or anything which needs air tight sealing

 Twist Ties for Daily Items

Twist Ties For
Daily Items

Twist Ties can be used for keys, bolts, or something else that you want to keep together. You can twist them off into a ring to hold everything in one place. In addition, those twist tie rings are also handy for keeping papers together


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  • The high quality PET plastic used in these twist ties makes them safe for use. These eco-friendly ties are odour free and non-toxic and can be safely used in garden for plants and tin food closures.
  • Our twis ties come in attractive box packaging and may come handy during travelling. You may use them to keep your things organized in your travel bag.
  • Our 100% money back guarantee makes them a safe risk-free purchase.

Flixall Twist Ties


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Yes these twist ties are rust proof. The plastic enclosure makes the wire rust-proof.
These twist ties are 5" long and 0.16" (4mm) wide. These dimensions are suitable for a wide range of applications starting from trash bags to small applications like keeping your keys together in case you are unable to find a keychain
Yes, our twist ties are recyclable.
Flixall believes in pleasant customer experience. Our customers are protected by Amazon A-to-Z guarantee claims. You can get your entire amount refunded if you are not satisfied with our product.